B&G Educare | About Us
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About Us

About Us

B & G Educare Centre is established in the November month of year 1999.
Its Motto is to inspire a child’s Learning Abilities through Sensory Activities. We belief that through the development of a child’s Five Senses, we can build up the child’s concept of interest around her/him.
This Essential Environment for the children’s overall development can be found at B & G Educare Centre

In General We Provide:

  • Milk Powder/ Diapers 奶粉/尿片
  • Free Baby Daily Necessities 免费宝宝日常用品
  • Consultation from Paediatrician & Qualified Nurses 儿科医生与合格护士的咨询
  • Fully Equipped, Healthy & Refreshing Environment 设备齐全,健康舒适,环境清雅
  • Experienced Nannies 经验丰富的保姆
  • Zero Age Education (Flashing Card Learning) 零岁教育(闪卡学习法)

Full Children Care and Education

We provide childcare services from baby-born children to primary school children.

B&G Baby Care Centre (Age 2 months – 2 years):

We provide baby care service to the child born kids age from
2 months to 2 years old.

-Baby Daily Necessities 宝宝日常用品

-Consultation from Paediatrician & Qualified Nurses 儿科医生与合格护士的咨询

-Fully Equipped, Healthy & Refreshing Environment 设备齐全,健康舒适,环境清雅

-Experience nannies |经验丰富保姆

-Zero Age Education/ Education Game/ Story Telling/ Potty Training

-Language – Chinese & English

-Nutrition Meal
餐饮- 营养正餐

B&G Educare Centre (Nursery Age 3- 4):

We provide nursery service for the children
aged from 3 years old to 4 years old.

-Half Day Care 半日看护

-Full Day Care 全日看护

-Nursery 幼儿园

-Art Class 绘画班

B&G Educare Centre (Kindergarten Age 5- 6)

We provide kindergarten education for the children
which aged from 5 years old to 6 years old.

-Half- Full Day Care 半/全日制

-Kindergarten 幼稚园 (华语班 或 英语班)

-Art Class 绘画班

-Kimsir 华语讲故事班

-Cambridge English 剑桥英语班

B&G Learning Centre (Std 1 – Std 6)

We provide before and after school daycare services for the
primary school children aged from
standard one to standard six.

-Daily Tuition Classes 每日补习班

-Essay Class 作文补习班

-Drawing Classes 绘画班

-Fun English Lessons 欢乐英语班

-Homework Guidance 督促功课

-Bath 洗澡

-Meal 膳食

-Snack 点心

-Holiday Care 假期看护