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Confinement Center

About US

B & G Confinement Center is  one of the most professional confinement center located in Penang. We provide care and services not only to the baby born child but also towards the mother. In B & G Confinement Center, we provide complete set of infrastructure and also nurses to serve.

Besides, B & G Confinement center also provide healthy food which are full of nutrition for the mother to help her restore her body.



B & G 陪月中心是专业的陪月中心,我们不但为孩子提供完善的照料,也为新生母亲提供照顾。 B & G 陪月中心内部设有完善的设施和医护人员,时时刻刻为您服务。

除此之外,B & G 陪月中心还为新生母亲提供元气满满的坐月子食物,例如麻油鸡、猪脚醋和黑枣子水等。务必让新生母亲尽快的补充元气,以面对新生命降临的喜悦。

Our Environment 环境介绍

Our Food 食物介绍

In B & G we also provide various type of food to supply energy and nutrition for the mother. The food that are prepared are sesame chicken, black vinegar pork, fried noodle and etc delicious food!
B & G 也为母亲们提供营养健康的饮食,确保母亲们在陪月的时候可以尽快的恢复元气。所提供的食物包括麻油鸡,猪脚醋,炒面炒米粉和黑枣水等美味又健康的食物。

Our Service 我们提供

  • 5 Nutritions Meals Daily
    一日 5 餐月子餐
  • Free Flow of Herbal Tea and Biscuit
  • 15 Days of So Hup
    15 日的苏合丸
  • 4 times Herbal Soup & Chicken Soup (12 Days Onward)
    4 次炖汤(12天后)
  • 24 Hours Baby Care by Experienced Nanny
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Coway Water Dispenser
    Coway 饮水机
  • Complimentary Four Sessions Herbal Bath for Mummy
  • Complimentary One Sessions Postnatal Massage
  • Laundry Service for Mother and Baby
  • 24 Hours CCTV Monitoring & Security System
    24 小时闭路电视严密保安系统
  • Free Wifi,Astro and TV box for entertainment
    提供免費Wifi 及Astro電視頻道娛樂服務
  • Baby Neccessities and 1 pack Diapers

Our Location 我们的位置

Contact US 联络我们

Our Details

Operating Time: 24 hours Everyday
Address:   42, Lorong Dumbar, 11600 Penang.
Phone No: 016-4823012 / 016-4415500

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